About Us

What inspired this product?

We had a vision to produce a natural product that drinkers could enjoy free from many of the harsh chemicals found in other products, that was enjoyable and still contained some natural goodness.

What is it?

Pineapple Fruit Sliders are the Authentic Pineapple experience, Australian Made and Owned, Gluten free and Low Gi Fruit Sugar. 8% Alcohol, powered 100% by Queensland's Pure Gold Pineapples.

Why Sliders?

Ciders are Apple and Pear based, Siders are made from Seasonal fruit. We are Australia's only Fruit Sliders, Queensland in Australia has long been the home of the best quality Tropical Fruit (In this case Pineapple), which we have now turned into the Finest Fruit Slider on the planet. Fruit Sliders are made purely from the finest Queensland Fruit, Nothing Else!

What is inside?

No flavouring's are added just fresh fruit with NO added sugar of any kind with no nasty chemicals either. We source all our Fruit for our Fruit Slider, from the finest Pineapples that Queensland farmers can produce.

How does it drink?

Quality Australian produce a smooth easy drinking Fruit Sliders, just the thing for those warm summer days and nights. Our Fully Naturally fermented Fruit Sliders contains NO added chemicals. Our Fruit Sliders contains NO Cane Sugar, all the sweetness, in our Sliders comes from Fresh Fruit. Our Fruit Sliders contains NO added Sulphites and NO artificial preservatives. 8% Alcohol 1.7 Standard drinks.

How do I get in contact with you?

Send us a message on our social media or give us a call on 0433 326 258. Alternatively you can send us an email via "sales" at "qbv.com.au"